Bizarre: Boy is born with extra penis on his back

  It turns out it is a part of his undeveloped twin, penis is surgically removed. In a shocking case, a baby boy was born with an extra penis on

Here Is A Russian Man Filling A Car With Concrete

This is something you don’t see every day: a Russian man filling the front seat of a car with concrete while being filmed by a cameraman cackling madly through the

TN Pastor: Atheists Fight God Because They Secretly Believe in Him

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke has something to say to all those “New Atheists” out there: You’re only mad at God because you secretly believe in Him. Checkmate, heathens. He said as much

Mother Receives A Christmas Miracle After Being Told She Has 4 Years To Live

  A mother who was given just four years to live has received a Christmas miracle after discovering she is now cancer-free. Heidi Loughlin, 35, from Bristol, England had rare

World running out of Plutonium – NASA spacecraft like Voyager 1 at risk

DEEP space probes like Voyager 1 which vastly increase human understanding may be scrapped forever because the world is running out of plutonium. Plutonium-238 is the essential radioactive isotope powering

Three things to know before you trade bitcoin futures

  Bitcoin, baby, bitcoin! Bitcoin euphoria can sweep you up, but do you know enough to be prepared to start trading bitcoin futures? These are historic and interesting times for bitcoin as

Almost 1,000 cars torched around France on New Year’s Eve but government insists it ‘went particularly well’

andals in France torched 945 parked cars on New Year’s Eve in an arson rampage that has become a sinister annual “tradition” amid a row over whether the government sought to play down the

We’ll Toast to This: Drinkers Are More Likely to Live to 85 Without Dementia, Study Says

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Nearly 22 Million Pounds of Plastic Pollution Enter the Great Lakes Every Year

A new study from the Rochester University revealed that almost 22 million pounds, or 10,000 metric tons, of plastic waste from the United States and Canada enter the Great Lakes

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young’

An insanely difficult endurance race that few have ever finished is chronicled in this delightful documentary. With: Lazarus Lake, Raw Dog, Brett Maune, John Fegyveresi, Rob Youngren, Jared Campbell, Wouter